Polar Bears Feast On A Dead Whale Carcass In Alaska

That doesn’t look very appetizing…

But, when you’re a polar bear, appetizing probably doesn’t matter.

Polar bears are apex predators that live in the Arctic, usually near the coastlines where they feed on a variety of prey, including seals, fish, and whales.

Polar bears will hunt anything they can. But, they aren’t afraid to scavenge either.

On average, males can weigh up to 1,400 pounds and reach lengths of up to 9 feet, while female bears are typically smaller weighing up to 600 pounds and reaching lengths of up to 7 feet. These massive animals have large appetites and can consume up to 100 pounds of food in a single day.

Polar bears are opportunistic feeders and will feed on dead bowhead whales when they are available. The whales provide a substantial amount of food for the bears, who can consume up to 100 pounds of blubber in a single meal. The blubber is an important source of energy for polar bears.

A single bowhead whale can provide meals for hundreds of bears.

This polar bear family is seen swimming on the coast of Alaska. They found spotted out a rotting carcass and swam their way to a big ol’ meal.

As they eat away the mother senses another bear approaching and decides to head out.

Not worth the risk of her babies.

Nature is a cool place.

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