Great Blue Heron Stalks And Spears A Squirrel Sitting In A Tree

Blue heron

Stuff like this is all a part of what makes the outdoors so great.

It’s almost unbelievable the things these animals can do, all seemingly with ease.

Great blue herons are a pretty cool bird. Massive, blueish grey in color, and can be four and a half feet long with a wingspan up to six and half feet.

They are excellent fishers, using their size they wait patiently for fish to swim by and dive in at them using their beak as the weapon.

They will eat anything that gets close to the water, mainly fish but also bugs and other small mammals.

Apparently squirrels fall into that category as this one found out the hard way.

Here in Alabama, water flooded in around some trees following Hurricane Sally, and a squirrel is seen sitting on a lower branch over the water.

A great blue heron starts to walk in slowly closer to the squirrel. As it gets within range the squirrel starts to eye him up, never suspecting what is about to happen. The bird stops for second and stays completely still.

In a flash the heron strikes and nails the squirrel with its beak… game over.

The heron happily walks off, and then flies away with a good meal in its mouth.

That’s a wild video watching this predator in action.

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