Fox Circles An Owl In Good Old Fashioned Animal Standoff

Fox owl

What a wild encounter.

Seeing two predators face-to-face is always a treat.

Owls as a species in general are a vicious predator of the skies. They are a silent bird that attacks out of nowhere using speed, power and their razor-sharp talons to kill nearly on impact.

Owls will eat just about anything they can. Much of their diet consists of small mammals. They are known to have their way with cats and dogs belonging to people.

So, it’s not much of stretch one of these flying beasts would target a fox.

A fox is a predator itself, an animal with plenty of fight for its size., and perhaps oddly enough, fox diets are vary similar to that of an owl.

Size wise, they match up pretty well. Foxes average around 11 pounds while owls are a bit less on average. Owls make up for the difference with talons and flight ability.

A road camera caught this wild encounter between these two very different predators.

An owl is seen flying in on a snowy night as a fox runs up the road.

The owl lands on the road starring the fox down on the landing, which prompts the fox to not shy away and come right over to check it out. The fox does a semi-circle back and forth trying to figure out what was going on and if it could get an easy dinner.

Ultimately, they both decide to leave each other be for now as the fox moves on up the road and the owl flies away.

Another great encounter caught on video.

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