Alligator Chases Florida Fisherman Out Of Spot, Guy Falls Backwards Trying To Get Away

Alligator Florida fishing

I’ve fished on Florida freshwater shores and you absolutely need to keep an eye out for alligators because they just pop up out of no where and make you sh*t bricks.

The closest one that got to me was about 3 feet, and fortunately, it was a smaller guy, but I ran out of there as fast as I could.

Well, a tarpon fisher got quite the scare a little while back when a massive alligator popped up in his spot and decided it had enough of him fishing there.

The guy immediately takes a few steps back as the monster comes on shore, but things intensify when the gator begins chasing him down the path.

As if that’s not a bad enough situation, the guy immediately falls ass backwards while trying to get away, leaving him scampering as the gator keeps approaching.

Typically, alligators aren’t this aggressive unless they feel threatened or it’s a mother and you’re by her nest of eggs.

Regardless of the why, this guy was lucky the gator eventually called it quits and went back in the water. With footwork like that in the swampy Florida woods, it would have probably ended up pretty poorly.

Stay safe out there…

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