15 Deep Cuts From One Of Country Music’s Most Underrated Artists, Ryan Bingham

Ryan Bingham playing a guitar

Ryan Bingham is one of country music’s gateway drugs.

Long one of the best artists in the genre, Bingham’s relatively recent acting fame in the Paramount Network hit series Yellowstone has brought more attention to his music and made it easily discoverable to casual music fans everywhere. This ultimately leads many of these casual country music fans to discover other non-mainstream artists, thus spiraling into a beautiful rabbit hole of the best music they never knew existed, with an insatiable desire to find more and more new music.

Yet despite this important, high profile position Bingham has assumed at the forefront of non-mainstream country music, he still remains extremely underrated.

While I could not be happier that songs like “Southside of Heaven,“ “Hallelujah,” and “Sunrise” have blown up for Bingham (many of which have been featured in Yellowstone), it seems to me that most country music fans haven’t gotten past these top songs to explore his catalog as a whole.

So, for all of you who may not have taken a deep dive into Bingham’s music, I’ve compiled a list with 15 of the Ryan Bingham tracks that I believe are the most underrated, including two or three tracks off of each of his six full-length albums in an effort to span his entire catalog.

I love his most listened to tracks as much as anyone, but hopefully taking a deeper dive into his music will show just how legendary of a musician Bingham truly is.

So without further ado, checkout these deep cuts:

Mescalito (2007)

“Long Way From Georgia”

“Take it Easy Mama”

“Ghost of Travelin’ Jones”

Roadhouse Sun (2009)


“Dylan’s Hard Rain”

Junky Star (2010)

“Junky Star”

“Lay My Head on the Rail”


Tomorrowland (2012)

“The Road I’m On”

“Too Deep to Fill”

Fear and Saturday Night (2015)


“Top Shelf Drug”


American Love Song (2019)

“Situation Station”

“What Would I’ve Become”

Ryan Bingham has one of the deepest catalogs in country music, and it’s strong from start to finish. Hopefully people realize that, and appreciate the magnitude of what he means to country music.

Many of Bingham’s most popular songs, though, are there for a reason, of course.

I mean, just listen to “Hallelujah.” It’s absolute perfection.

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