World’s Most Obnoxious (And Wasted) Fan Sucker Punches Another Girl At Morgan Wallen Concert

Morgan wallen concert

We all love a good live concert.

I mean c’mon, there ain’t nothing better than pounding a few $14 beers, while singing your favorite artist’s songs at the top of your lungs with your best friends.

And of course, there’s also the downside of going to concerts…

Dealing with the handful of assholes who would rather pick a fight than actually enjoy the performance.

Seriously, I feel like every concert I go to I either run into one of these people, or I witness it firsthand, and next thing you know some people’s nights are ruined. It’s like you can’t put a few thousand people in a room without someone punching someone else.

And here’s a prime example of that right here, and it all happened at a Morgan Wallen concert.

Here we have an insufferably drunk woman who thinks she’s just shown up to her own private Morgan Wallen concert. Just the look she’s getting from everyone around her tells you all you need to know about the kind of scene she was causing.

You can also see her smart off to the guy right next to her, and next thing you know she looks over at the girl filming, and says:

“Push me again so I can have it on video.”

I mean my God, just listening to her voice made me nauseous…

Sure enough, the wasted fan (no pun intended) begins to film the other girl, and next thing you know, she lands a right cross sucker punch to the side of the girl’s face.


And as it turns out, the woman she hit is in the military so she more than likely would’ve whopped her ass had she not shown the restraint to be the bigger person.

Just imagine dropping an absolute boatload of money to go see Morgan Wallen, only to wind up right next to this awful, awful woman.

You hate to see it.

Unfortunately, TikTok took down the original video with over 4 million views, so she included a follow up explanation:

@jeweldean92 Replying to @ashleymshea heres part 2 on the trashy drunk at Morgan Wallen #drunk #morgenwallen #storytime #fyp ♬ original sound – Devin

And, we also got a hilarious reenactment:

@jeweldean92 Tiktok took down my video at 4 million views so heres my second attempt at this video someone get @morganwallen to go to dinner with me for this!! The other video is in review so maybe ill get it back #pschyo #morganwallen #punched #Reenactment #idontsupportviolence 🙄🤣 #gymtok ♬ original sound – Devin

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A beer bottle on a dock