Wild Video Shows A Cow Moose Standing Tall To Pull A Tree Branch Down

Moose tree

Nature is so cool.

The things these animals can do and survive is just simply amazing.

Moose are up there with some of the coolest to watch due to their massive size.

Moose are the largest species of deer in the world, with bulls reaching up to 6.5 feet at the shoulder and weighing over 1,000 pounds. Cows are smaller, usually standing at 5.5 feet tall and weighing between 500 to 700 pounds.

Moose are well adapted to the cold and harsh conditions of their northern habitats, with long legs and a thick hide. They also have a distinctive hump of muscle on their shoulders, which helps them power through the deep snow.

In the winter, moose must consume large amounts of food to maintain their body fat and energy levels. This is because their metabolism slows down during the winter months, making it more difficult for them to maintain their body weight.

They need to consume an average of 45 pounds of food in a day. In the winter however, they are known to consume much more, even over 80 pounds. They get this through eating woody material like tree tips from various hardwoods.

Given winter has a lot of snow, finding food can be more difficult.

This moose shows us what the go through to get that food for their survival.

This cow moose is seen eyeing up a nice-looking tree. The only problem is the branches are far away up in the air, where those good tree buds are.

Maybe it’s not a problem though, as the cow stands straight up and ever so gentle grabs the branch and pulls it down to her level before getting a snack.

It is always amazing how these animals can thrive through these harsh conditions.

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