Watching These Wolves Play In The Snow Will Put A Big Ol’ Smile On Your Face

Minnesota wolves

Just some wild doggos.

The kind of wolves in Voyageurs National Park are the average gray wolf, with males weighing between 70 and 120 pounds and females weighing between 50 and 90 pounds.

Voyageurs National Park, located in northern Minnesota, is home to a thriving population of wolves. They are one of these most documented and researched pack. Many discoveries and information have come from studies and findings on this pack.

Wolves are often thought of as fierce and aggressive predators, but they also have a playful side especially when it comes to snow. Wolves are native to cold climates and are well-adapted to life in the snow.

Their thick fur coats, large paws, and powerful legs help them to get through deep snow, and their strong instincts for hunting and play make them natural athletes. When the snow starts to fall, wolves are often the first to take advantage of the white blanket that covers their habitat.

Here, the wolves in Voyagers National Park are seen playing around. Two wolves go back and forth and third joins.

They really just look like any ol’ dog having a good time outside.

When they play in the snow, they often run and jump with abandon, chasing each other, playing with sticks and other objects, digging, and rolling around in the snow.

Another way that wolves play in the snow is through their interactions with other members of their pack. Wolves are highly social animals, and they often play together in packs.

Ya gotta love seeing wild animals have fun too.

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