Logan Halstead Drops New Single, “Good Ol’ Boys With Bad Names”

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Logan Halstead has a brand new single out today.

The buzzy up-and-comer from Appalachia started by making a name for himself on YouTube, mainly, over the last couple of years.

And as of last year, his music hit streaming platforms thanks to his OurVinyl Sessions feature, but that only consisted of a handful of songs.

But today, we’re getting a taste of what he’ll be delivering from the studio going forward, as the Boone County, West Virginia, native dropped a song called “Good Ol’ Boys With Bad Names.”

He keeps the production pretty simple nonetheless, as he sings about his not-so-stellar reputation in the holler and all the trouble he gets himself into to get by.

His gritty, honest songwriting comes straight from the heart, and he often draws comparisons to guys like Tyler Childers, which is saying a lot… I’m not sure there’s a better figure in current country music you could be compared to.

And hopefully, this is just the beginning of much more to come from Logan in 2023…

“Hey y’all! A new single of mine dropped today. You can find er’ on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music or any other streaming platform you might use.

I’m real excited about this one and I hope y’all are too.”

Make sure you add this one to your playlist and keep him on your radar going forward:

“Good Ol’ Boys with Bad Names”

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