Cleto Cordero And Kaitlin Butts Deliver Perfect Valentine’s Day Song With Duet Of New Tune, “Valentine, For Valentines”

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The Panhandlers just announced a brand new album yesterday, Tough Country.

The Texas country supergroup consisting of Josh Abbott, William Clark Green, John Baumann and Flatland Cavalry frontman Cleto Cordero are gearing up to release their second studio album, which is due out everywhere on March 3rd.

The project will consist of 14 songs, including “Where Cotton Is King,” as well as “The Chilton Song,” “Midland Jamboree” and the title track, which were all included on their 2022 four-song West Texas Is The Best Texas EP.

And today, they dropped another single from the full-length record, a beautiful Valentine’s Day-inspired duet that features lead vocals from Cleto along with his wife, the great Kaitlin Butts.

The lyrics include a clever play on words, where the two decide they want to run off to Valentine, Texas for Valentine’s Day this year, instead of wasting time sitting in a restaurant with “champagne toast dinner plans, to just say ‘let’s get out of here.'”

It’s super sweet and the perfect country song for love day coming up, and of course, these two always nail it when they sing together, so make sure you add it to your playlist for February 14th:

Tough Country tracklist:

1. “Flat Land”
2. “Where Cotton Is King”
3. “West Texas Is The Best Texas”
4. “Midland Jamboree”
5. “Tough Country”
6. “Moonlight in Marfa”
7. “Lajitas’
8. “Valentine, For Valentines”
9. “Santa Fe”
10. “The Chilton Song”
11. “The Last Gentleman In Southwest Texas”
12. “Last Hangover”
13. “The Corner Comedian”
14. “I Got Your Back Dog”

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