Absolutely Juiced Mountain Goat Seen Walking Through The Woods

Mountain goat

That thing will beat you up and steal your girl…

Mountain goats are some of the most intense animals to roam our lands in North America. These animals are well-adapted to life in the harshest of mountain environments.

Mountain goats are native to the North American West and are found in Alaska, western Canada, and the western United States. They are typically found in mountainous regions at elevations of 3,000 to 11,000 feet where they are able to take advantage of the abundant vegetation and mineral licks that are found in these areas.

One of the most distinctive features of mountain goats is their thick, shaggy coats, which are made up of a dense undercoat and an outer layer of longer hairs. This coat is perfectly adapted to life in the cold and harsh mountain environment, providing excellent insulation and protection from the elements.

With their strong legs and sharp hooves, mountain goats are able to climb steep and rocky slopes with ease. They are also excellent swimmers, which allows them to cross rivers and streams when necessary.

This video showcases the incredible physical strength of a mountain goat.

Some hikers came across this beast as it’s walking out of the trees by them, just wandering along.

And the thing is JACKED.

I mean, look at the front legs… they look like the arms of a gorilla. I guess climbing mountains all day will give you a body like that.

What an absolute beast of an animal.

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