Miranda Lambert’s Husband, Brendan, Shares Hilarious Video Busting His A** Slipping On Ice Down Front Steps

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That’s gonna leave a mark…

Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, shared a video captured from their ring doorbell of him absolutely busting his ass falling down their front porch steps yesterday.

There was some winter weather in Music City, which included a lot of ice and sleet, so of course, the front porch steps were covered and very slick.

So much so that Brendan took a few steps out the door and slid the rest of the way down…

He’s totally fine, and shared the footage himself on Instagram, saying he wanted everyone to have a good laugh watching his tumble:

I feel like I need to post this to give everyone a good laugh.”

Miranda also shared the video on her Instagram stories, though she edited out his cussin’ when he finally got to the bottom, and commented this on Brendan’s post:

“It’s the whistle at the end for me.”

All’s well that ends well, I guess… and hopefully he’s not too sore today:

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