Idiot Tourist Gets Beaten Over The Head With A Stick For Climbing Mayan Temple

Mayan temple

When you travel to a foreign country, there is one thing you should automatically know to never do…

And that’s mess around with ancient historical buildings that are completely off limits.

For one, everybody should know about the Mayan Temple of Kukulcan pyramid in Chichen Itza. We learn about this stuff in like the third grade, so everybody with at least a minimal amount of brain cells should know that this is one of the oldest standing structures in the world, and is not a giant jungle gym.

But unfortunately, this unnamed Polish guy must not have any brain cells, because he challenged himself to the feat of climbing the Mayan Temple… and boy, he paid the price.

Climbing on the limestone steps of the Mayan Temple has been banned since 2008, a year after the site was named one of UNESCO’s New 7 Wonders of the World.

According to the Mexico Daily Post, the tourist tried to initially access the restricted area to snap a few pictures.

And then, he proceeded to climb up the steps.

As you can see, the man was shown being escorted back down the steps by a pair of officials, while the crowd is cussing him out from down below.

Even a shirtless dude holding a stick that looks like Buford Pusser’s stick from Walking Tall can be seen walking up to the culprit, and whacking him across the head with it. A true vigilante right there.

Jose Arturo Chab Cardenas of the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia told the outlet that the tourist was detained for 12 hours, and was fined 5,000 pesos, which is about $265.

Needless to say, the Polish guy got off easy with law enforcement.

However, if a few more guys with sticks were around, things could’ve gotten even uglier QUICK.

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