Louisiana Fisherman Falls Into Freezing Lake While Trying Adjust Camera: “Took My Breath Away”

Fisherman fail

That’ll wake you up in the morning…

A fisherman in Marksville, Louisiana took a tumble into a cold lake while trying to adjust his cameras and man, I got goosebumps just thinking about it.

The temperature outside was around 38 degrees and the water was in the mid 40’s, which for the record is really freaking cold…

According to this hypothermia table, in that water he would have lost dexterity in as little as one minute, very terrifying, as that could make you sit in the water longer, causing more damage and potential unconsciousness.

Fortunately, the guy was able to get himself back in the boat quickly and avoid these issues, but man, that’s gotta be a nice cold shock to get the system going.

And no worries, he had a friend bring him a change of clothes and got back out there to reel in some fatties.

“Outside air temp was 38 degrees that morning and water temps were in the mid 40’s. So cold it literally took my breath away as you can hear me gasp for air as I’m getting back in the boat.

There’s 2 different angles in this video, 1 from camera on my YoloTek pole and 1 from my chest mount camera. I had a rather quick re-entry back into the boat but with water that cold, it gave me all the motivation I needed to get back in quickly.

My buddy brought me a fresh new pair of clothes and I was back to fishing again. One of those days that stick with you for sure.”

Gotta love fishermen.

Stay warm out there, fellas…

And to be fair, guys like Cam Hanes and Joe Rogan, who are doing the daily ice baths, are regularly chilling in sub-40 degree waters for a minute or two.

You’ll live…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock