Willie Nelson, Martha Stewart And Snoop Dogg Team Up For Hilarious ‘Most Borrowed Lighter’ Pre-Super Bowl Ad

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What a trio…

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are teaming up for a new installment of pre-Super Bowl ads featuring the BIC EZ Reach lighter.

Last year, Martha and Snoop starred in a commercial called Pass It, and now, the red headed stranger himself is getting in on the fun.

The NFL does currently have a ban on ads featuring cannabis, so they skirt the outright reference to weed, but it’s pretty dang funny, nonetheless.

In this version of the Most Borrowed Lighter ad, Willie uses an EZ Reach to light up candle, as he gets a surprise video call from Snoop, who has misplaced his favorite lighter.

Martha then joins the call to report that her scented candle is missing, and while Willie denies knowing where their items are, it’s obvious that he “borrowed” them as he laughs when they question his knowledge of where they could be.

Willie then uses the lighter for his “favorite herb scented” candle, and he says he excited to join Martha and Snoop in promoting the product:

“The BIC EZ Reach lighter’s unique design helps to light those hard-to-reach places, whether you are lighting a candle or something else.

I’m thrilled to partner with BIC and my friends Martha and Snoop to show off the many ways the BIC EZ Reach lighter is ideal for all lighting occasions.”

I think we need a Willie Nelson ad spot every single year… check it out:

Here’s the first Pass It ad with Martha and Snoop:

Willie also starred in a Sketchers Super Bowl ad called Legalize last year:

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