Coyote Shows Off Impressive Speed Pouncing On Flock Of Geese

Coyote Goose

I think it’s safe to say that coyotes are some vicious creatures.

Growing up, we always had coyotes that hung out in the woods across from our house. It felt like every few months we would get warnings from neighbors about the creatures attacking small pets, so we always had to keep a lookout whenever we let our dog outside.

And after watching this video right here, I’m glad we always stuck by that, because coyotes are so quick and elusive, that they can snatch up a smaller animal in a heartbeat before they even have time to react.

Here you can see a gaggle of African geese huddled up by a pond.

Miraculously enough, the few geese in the front notice the coyote immediately, which perfectly displays how instinctive geese are.

The majority are able to get out of the way in just a split second, but one poor goose was about a millisecond too late, and unfortunately got snatched up.

I mean seriously, the coyote makes is so quick it almost looks like a blur running across your screen. They can run up to 43 mph, which is pretty mind boggling.

The caption to the video reads:

“Coyote breaks in and absconds with a prized African goose.

The prevalence of coyotes in modern day North America can be attributed to the highly adaptable nature of these wild canids and the state sponsored eradication of wolves, who when left to do what they do, control the population of coyotes naturally.

Of course, there’s no putting the genie back in that bottle, so coyotes are here to stay.

I’m keeping this one brief, as to mitigate the vitriol this still touchy subject dependably prompts.”

Check it out:

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