Man Stumbles Upon Entire Deer Skeleton Tangled In A Fence

Deer skeleton

Deer getting tangled up in fences is no new concept.

We’ve seen two bucks that got wrapped up in a fence during a fight, and ultimately passed away. We’ve seen deer try to hop over fences, and it doesn’t end pretty.

However, this right here is a wild scene.

In this video, we have yet another buck carcass that somehow found itself tangled up in a fence before death. However, this buck’s body has deteriorated so much over time, that all that’s really left is its antlers, and skeletal remains.

Of course, I’m sure this has to do with both the buck deteriorating over time, along with other animals that have fed off the body as it sat there, but it’s easy to see that the carcass had been there for a hot minute.

It’s pretty wild, considering it appears the fence marks a property line, and nobody had noticed the carcass before, and if somebody did, they left the body to continue to rot.

The buck more than likely was running at night, and wasn’t able to notice the fence line in time before it was too late, because you can see that the body is completely wrapped around the wire.

Check it out:

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