Farm Dog Has The Time Of Its Life Running From Angry Bull Moose

Bull Moose Dog

If you thought bears were the only ones you had to worry about in the great outdoors, think again

Moose are actually one of the most dangerous animals in our woods. They have poor eyesight and a short temper, this leads to aggression when they are unsure or threatened.

For an animal that is 6 foot tall at the shoulders, and can be well over 1,000 pounds, this can create issues. Their kick is strong enough to take just about anything out there down, and down fast.

This video from Girouxville, Alberta, Canada, shows a wild encounter with a family dog and a bull moose.

In the video, a bull moose can be seen chasing after a small dog. The moose is clearly agitated, and it’s clear that it means business as it charges after the dog. Its antlers lowered and ready for action.

The dog, who seems to be having a blast antagonizing the moose, hightails it away from the moose and tries to make a break for it, but the moose is relentless in its pursuit.

Kicking the whole way, hot in the dog’s tail… the finally dog breaks out of the moose’s path and the moose just keeps on a trucking.

The dog’s cattle herding nature takes over and he circles around the moose who grows more and more irritated.

“While out for an elk hunt I came across a moose and border collie chasing each other around a field.”

Most interactions result in the moose running for the hills, so there is really no need to be worried, so long as you maintain a safe distance.

Just sit back, enjoy the show, and take a moment to appreciate the raw power of nature in the form of a massive moose.

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