Deer Walks Up & Steals A Hot Dog Right Off The Grill In Montana

Montana deer

Talk about unexpected…

These wild animals just don’t stop surprising us all. And sometimes there’s not even a reasonable explanation for it.

Deer are majestic creatures that are often associated with grace, beauty, and peace. If not that, then they are seen as dinner for nearly everything else.

These animals can also be mischievous and opportunistic as seen in many videos circulating the internet.

Typically, a deer’s diet consists of leafy material from a variety of plants, trees and grasses in the wild. Meat is not common in their diets, but from time to time, they will eat meat.

You can see a deer approach a table where a hot dog has been left unattended on a camp grill. The deer sniffs around the table for a moment before snatching the hot dog in its mouth and running off into the woods.

A strange event for a deer like this brings questions of… why?

There’re only a couple logical explanations for it. It’s possible that the deer was simply attracted to the scent of the food and saw the opportunity to snag an easy meal. However, it’s also possible that the deer had been fed by humans in the past and had learned to associate people with food.

Regardless of the deer’s motivations, it’s important to remember to always dispose of food properly and to never feed wild animals. Not only is it safer for the animals, but it can also help to prevent negative interactions between humans and wildlife.

Watch your hot dogs the next time you’re in deer country.

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