College Girl Has Complete Meltdown After Her Cincinnati Bengals Lose In Brutal Fashion

Bengals fan meltdown

Man oh man, let the crying and gnashing of teeth begin.

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I’ve been cursed with the pain and suffering that comes with the Cowboys fan cycle. From low expectations going into the season, to winning a few games, and quickly thinking, “We dem ‘boyz! This is our year!” to watching us lose in the worst fashion imaginable, by either barely missing or losing in the first round of the playoffs after being one of the top teams in the league all season.

But, I must admit that I have never bawled my eyes out and pitched a fit like a four-year-old, just like this girl…

Last night, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship game, after kicker Harrison Butker drilled a 45-yard field goal to win 23-20.

However, Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai committed a costly mistake after tackling Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes while he was already out of bounds.

The Chiefs were awarded an extra 15 yards, putting them in field goal range in the final few seconds of the game.

I can imagine that Bengals fans were pretty distraught, considering their season basically ended on a penalty.

And then you have this girl, who is crying like her daddy didn’t get her that brand new Mercedes she had asked for, and got her a BMW instead.

Seriously, this girl is losing it. She’s on her hands and knees bawling her eyes out, and her roommate even says:

“Sara Cate, pull it together.”

And Sara Cate’s response was:


Well, good news Sara Cate. The sun came up today…

My favorite part is the look from the other roommate on the phone… just utterly stunned.


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A beer bottle on a dock