Bella White’s Live Performance Of “Just Like Leaving” Is Nearly Better Than The Studio Recording

Bella White country Music

A true talent.

It’s about time Bella White starts seeing herself in the limelight. She is one of my favorite artists these days.

Her vocal range is unreal, and her songwriting ability takes complex thoughts and turns them into beautiful melodies.

A video I could watch over and over is her live performance of “Just Like Leaving,” filmed in a beautiful church in Vancouver, Canada.

“Just Like Leaving” is the tune that turned me on the Bella White, so I’m naturally biased toward it.

But can you blame me? The vocal twangs combined with the message about learning to be comfortable with yourself when you feel lonely is a message I think any twenty-something-year-old can relate to.

During this live performance, she lays it all out, so in tune with her craft that watching her perform is addicting.

She takes her time with the melody as she sings each word. It lets the message sit a little heavier on the listener’s ears and allows for the vocal slides to stand out.

White shared in her video caption:

“I want people my age to hear my music, and think, actually Bluegrass is kind of cool.”

I’d say she is well on her way to making bluegrass well-loved through her music. 

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