AutoZone Customer Starts Fist Fight With Employee, And It Goes Terribly For Her

autozone chaos

If there’s one thing we can continue to count on in 2023, it’s videos of people losing their minds and beating the hell out of each other.

We can’t even keep up with it, but man, is it both entertaining, and let’s be honest, pretty depressing…

The fuses on folks are shorter than ever these days which leads to plenty of stuff like this… two ladies throwing haymakers behind the counter at AutoZone.

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This one went down at a Grand Rapids, Michigan, AutoZone, and is over in a very quick 20 or so seconds (this lady wasn’t messing around).

Unfortunately, there’s not much of a backstory here, or really any info at all on what caused it to start, but given the times, you have to assume the customer may have started this as the employee eventually asks for people to call the police.

Did the attacker know the employee and show up at her place of business looking to throw down? It’s anybody’s guess, but next time the lady wants to stroll into somebody’s job and cause a scene, she better pack a lunch…this did not go well for her.

The AutoZone employee has a great take down, gains control, and it’s nothing but fists after that…

Roll the tape.

AutoZone is one thing, Home Depot is something completely different.

Look at this Royal Rumble down in Florida.

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