Throwback To Tyler Childers Letting It Rip With Acoustic Performance Of “Charleston Girl”

Tyler Childers country music

Don’t you love a home movie-style video?

From the nakedness of it all, with limited sound setups (or the appearance of it), authentic takes, and up close and personal shots, they let you appreciate your favorite artists in a new light.

One that I have been watching over and over again is from 2012: Tyler Childers and banjo player Russell Waddell pickin’ on a bench.

Shot by Shaker Steps Productions, they do a perfect job of capturing the raw talent that Childers possesses.

“Charleston Girl” is also one of my favorite songs from Childers, so hearing it so stripped down is quite the treat.

Although the context of the tune carries a dark meaning, Childers has a causality of letting the heavy words roll off his tongue as he sings:

“I don’t know if it’s the wine or the cokeThat makes her sound like her jaw is brokeShe’s workin’ hard to make some sense, but she ain’t got a dimeI wish to God that I could help her outI wish I knew what she was talkin’ boutI wish to God that I could get away, but I’m way too drunk to drive.”

This video is a hidden gem within the Tyler Childers archive.

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A beer bottle on a dock