Reba Opens “Reba’s Place,” A New Restaurant & Music Venue Near Her Hometown In Oklahoma

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Go ahead and add restaurateur to Reba’s resume, folks.

This past Thursday, just a few miles outside of her hometown in Chockie, Oklahoma, Reba held the grand opening of her new three-story dining and entertainment establishment.

Creatively and casually named, “Reba’s Place,” the restaurant will serve a long list of food choices personally selected by none other than Reba herself. The dishes are inspired by famous ones in her hometown and locations she frequents. The menu includes Choctaw’s famous beef brisket, a ‘Fancy’ steak, and a southern style charcuterie board.

No corn dogs?

The location will also hold a great deal of Reba’s personalized memorabilia, and according to the website, pieces will regularly cycle and change.

But for Reba, this isn’t just another challenging feat in a new arena. She refers to Reba’s Place as “an excuse to get to come home” and she also added that the venue will help provide needed jobs in the small community where she grew up.

The grand opening featured a pop-up concert from the woman herself, and also a few kind words from the local Choctaw Nation’s senior executive concerning Reba’s involvement and attempt to give back to her community in a new, fun way:

“Her hands are all over this property here tonight. She’s picked out every dish you’ve got on your table tonight. She’s picked out every color. Draperies, color schemes, color palettes. Everything.

She’s been so engaged. She’s on every call. We don’t have a call without her being on there.”

The opening night, as well as Reba’s live performance was all captured on video by Reba’s team, including some great shots of the of the restaurant and its western vibe:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock