Texas Man’s Deer Mount Looks Like It’s Jumping Over The Railing Of His House

Texas deer

Gettin’ creative.

Of course, one of the best things about dropping a big ol’ buck, aside from filling up the freezer with some delicious venison, is mounting that big ol’ head on the wall.

You got the antler mount, skull mount, shoulder mount, pedestal mount, full body mount for those of us with larger trophy rooms… and then there’s this guy.

With the jumping over the railing to its death mount…

Texas resident, Shaun Pruett, shared his new mount to Trophy Rooms of the World and has since garnered quite the viral reaction.

Michigan Hunter’s Trophy Room Is Stunning

If you’re a die-hard hunter, you might be familiar with Michigan’s Mark Peterson.

A hunter and conservationist, Mark is the owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures among many other hunting/outdoors ventures, and travels the entire world in pursuit of the best hunting the world has to offer.

In a new episode of Whitetail Cribs, The Exodus team visits Mark’s Lake Michigan home to check out his trophy room, and holy hell it looks like a Bass Pro Shop inside… just needs that giant fish tank.

But between deer, elk, fowl, sheep, goats, bears, a few African species like cape buffalo, and more, this place is insane.

As many of the comments pointed out, this dude’s taxidermist must drive a friggin’ Ferrari with the amount of money he spends on his hunts.

Of course, it goes without saying that people are always going to have difference of opinions when it comes to hunting, what’s acceptable, what should be hunted, how it should be hunted, where to draw the line on trophies, etc… but if you’re in favor, you’ll appreciate this impressive collection.

Check it out:

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