Whitetail Buck Charges After Coyote Who Gets A Little Too Close

Coyote buck

These animals are fighters.

Well, you kinda have to be to survive out there.

Nature is a cruel place for many of these creatures. They fight everyday against the elements, to find food and then against other animals trying to eat them.

Deer are one of the many species that get the brunt of it. They are herbivores, so they do no hunting themselves. And many predatory species love to eat them as they are on the smaller end of the deer family but are large enough for a good meal.

Coyotes aren’t huge animals, usually weighing around 30 pounds on average. But, the predatory skills allow them to take deer down even though your average buck weighs 150 pounds.

Sometimes, coyotes will hunt in pairs are even more but they will also go about it completely alone. They usually target weak or injured deer, like fawns or older animals which are easier to take down.

Coyotes have been known to take down adult deer, but it’s less common and it’s more likely to happen in areas where deer populations are overabundant or when snow makes it hard for the deer to move and find food.

Even though they hunt deer commonly, it is more rare to see them attack a healthy buck especially just one coyote.

This video shows why.

A beauty buck is seen on camera grazing away. In the background you notice a coyote approaching through the trees.

When it gets close, the buck quickly takes notice and immediately turns to the offense. As the coyote sizes him up, the buck sprints right at the dog with his antlers pointed down and ready for action.

The two animals go back and forth before the coyote finally realizes it just won’t stand a chance if it actually tries.

That’s a cool interaction to catch on camera.

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