Wild Video Shows Rabbit Going Head-To-Head With A Snake

rabbit snake

That is wild.

Nature never ceases to amaze. The unexpected always seems to be happening. Animals that don’t interact having a unique interaction is always cool witness or watch.

Rabbits and snakes are two very different animals that are often found in the same habitats. While rabbits are herbivores that feed on plants, snakes are carnivores that feed on small mammals, birds, and other reptiles.

It’s not uncommon for rabbits to defend themselves against snakes, especially when they feel threatened. Rabbits have strong hind legs that they use for jumping and running, and they can also deliver powerful kicks with their back feet. These kicks can be enough to fend off a snake, which can be dangerous to a rabbit.

Snakes are known to be opportunistic hunters, they will eat whatever prey they can find. They prey on small mammals, birds and other reptiles, but they also feed on insects, worms and other invertebrates. If a snake is not able to catch its prey, it will move on to another target. Like many animals they target the weaker ones, such as a rabbit’s babies.

This video shows a large snake laying on top of a few baby rabbits.

Out of nowhere the mother rabbit comes sprinting in a jumps straight onto the snake.

The snake tries to ignore, but the relentless mother makes the snake moves its attention to it as they begin a wild battle.

The snake slithers and tries to attack the rabbit which lets out a flurry of kicks all hitting the snake. The pair roll around as if they are tangled up.

The rabbit has more to fight for and ultimately chases the snake right off.

A mother’s love has a lot of power behind it.

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