Muscadine Bloodline Got ‘Em Reaching For The Sky In New “Inconvenience Store” Video

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Those Muscadine Bloodline boys have been up to something, and it’s not just making music.

In their latest release “Inconvenience Store,” the Mobile, Alabama duo of Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster take on the persona of two guys that have fallen on hard times and resorted to holding up convenience stores for a little cash. An interesting concept for a song, Muscadine Bloodline kills it in their typical fashion with some hard driving, honky tonk rhythm and the clever lyricism they have mastered by this point in their careers.

Co-written by Stanton and Muncaster, as well as frequent collaborator Ryan Youmans and Zolton Tobak, this clever lyricism manifests in the form of a nervy back and forth conversation between the two thieves as they demand the money from the store clerk in the verses, and interest take on the conscience of a criminal in the chorus.

A group that has also become known for entertaining music videos to accompany their great music, they play the gas station robbers themselves in this must see music video.

And honestly, as an ode to their acting and production skills, it looks like they’ve done this before.

Of course that isn’t the case, though, as these boys haven’t had time for much over the past couple years aside from their music. These prolific songwriters and music releasers dropped their sophomore full-length record and one of my favorite albums of the past year, Dispatch to 16th Ave., in February 2022. With several jabs at the mainstream country music machine, reflecting the growing sentiment of many country music artists and fans, the genre’s top independent duo struck gold with that one. And probably earned a little time off for themselves.

But that wasn’t quite the case. Between their heavy touring schedule, they managed to get right back in the studio and dropped their next single “Me On You” five months later, a song that has since amassed nearly 25 million listens on Spotify as they continue to solidify their position at the top of the independent country music scene.

Muscadine Bloodline followed “Me On You” up with four more singles over the next six months before today’s “Inconvenience Store” in preparation for the February 24 release of their highly anticipated upcoming album Teenage Dixie. With six singles already out for the 16-track project, there is plenty of proof out there already that this could be one of 2023’s best albums.

Check out the tracklist below, and make sure to put that release date on your calendar… this is not an album you’re going to want to miss.

Teenage Dixie Tracklist:

Teenage Dixie (Charlie Muncaster, Gary Stanton, Ryan Youmans)
Pocketful of 90’s Country (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans, Zoltan Tobak)
Made Her That Way (Muncaster, Jordan Fletcher)
Me On You (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans)
Inconvenience Store (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans, Tobak)
Evinrudin’ (Adam Hood, Brent Cobb, Muncaster, Stanton)
Cryin’ in a GMC (Stanton)
WT vs the Devil (Stanton)
Devil Died in Dixie (Stanton)
Life Itself (Stanton)
Good to Drive (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans)
Named After Natives (BJ Barham, Muncaster, Stanton)
Old Man Gillich (Stanton)
Azalea Blooms (Barham, Stanton)
Knife To a Gunfight (Stanton, Youmans)
Shootout in Saraland (Stanton)

I’m excited for this one. Muncaster and Stanton are well on their way to being some of the best songwriters in the game, and beyond their obvious talent, they’ve employed the songwriting chops of some modern legends on this one. Adam Hood, Brent Cobb, and BJ Barham (American Aquarium) teaming up with the Muscadine Bloodline boys?

Man, Teenage Dixie is going to be something special.

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