Mountain Lion Charging Through The Snow Is Equal Parts Majestic & Terrifying


What a shot…

A YouTube channel called NatureFootage has put out some incredible content over the years, showing off all side of wild animals, from the beautiful to the brutal, like this grizzly tumbling down a hill while chasing an elk.

One of those videos is a short clip which shows, in ultra HD, the beauty, speed, and power of a mature mountain lion.

I’d love to know how they got this shot, because it looks like the cat was sprinting directly at the camera. Hopefully it was being controlled from a safe distance, because wow that is not something you want coming at you.

Even though the ground is covered in a few inches of snow, the cat barely is bothered, sprinting forward with true determination.

If you’re out in the woods, keep your head on a swivel.

You never know if one of these killers is lurking just out of sight.

Colorado Teen Captures Wild Video Of Mountain Lion Taking An Elk


A Colorado teen captured some wild footage near Oak Creek, while driving on the highway near his home.

According to Field & Stream, 18 year old Sophia Benjamin was driving the car with some friends when she saw something on the road.

As the vehicle slowed, it became clear what it was: A mountain lion with its jaws wrapped tightly around the neck of a cow elk.

The elk tried to stomp the cat and shake it loose, but to no avail… clinging tight to the neck, teeth dug in deep, it took about 15 minutes for the big cat to bring the elk down.

15-year-old Tanner Cole-Wheeler filmed the brutal encounter, and for the driver Sophia, she says she’s never seen a mountain lion:

“I’ve seen elk and other wildlife, but I’ve never seen a mountain lion before. It was a very cool and a rare thing to see.”

There’s an estimated 3,000 to 7,000 mountain lions in the state of Colorado, and more than 280,000 elk, but you’re not gonna come across an encounter between the two of them very often.

And that elk is gonna last for quite a few meals… filling up the freezer, eh?

Canada Lynx Takes Down Adult Mule Deer

Size matters? Not to a lynx is doesn’t…

In this insane video filmed near Fort Saint John, British Columbia, we get to see just how powerful a lynx can be, even against an animal that weighs four times more than it does.

For starters, a full grown Canada Lynx tops out around 30 pounds, with most of them weighing somewhere around 20-25. A mule deer doe can get up near 180 pounds but most of them clock in somewhere around 150 pounds.

Of course these are just averages and estimates, but either way, you can see the stark contrast in size.

Did that stop this lynx? Nope.

The doe is able to land a kick during the initial attack, but as soon as that lynx latched on to the head and the neck, it’s all over.

According to Hinterland Outdoors, the lynx killed the muley and was spotted days later enjoying the spoils of its victory.

Nature, man… it’s wild.

The end result.

And he was still there, four days later.

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