Bison Shows Off Speed & Power Racing Down Snowy Yellowstone Road

Bison yellowstone

Get off the tracks when the train’s a-coming…

By this point we all know just how powerful bison are.

But if you still need proof, there’s this guy wreaking a car, these two fighting on a road, and this one sending a poor pitbull flying through the air.

Now that you’re up to speed, it’s time to talk about their, well… speed.

Despite being around 2,000 pounds, these monsters have some serious takeoff, getting up to top speeds of 35 miles per hour.

Just for comparison sake, Usain Bolt hit 27.8 mph in his world record 100 meter dash at the 2009 Olympics, so bad news for any dumbo who get in a field with them, thinking they can get away if one comes charging.

Well, tourists at Yellowstone National Park were treated to an up close display of this speed when a lone bison came thundering down a road they were on.

Fortunately, the driver had moved off to the side so he could pass, but hearing they can run 35 mph is a lot different than actually seeing one do it…

Seriously, just watch this insane video and you’ll come away with a new dimension of appreciation for these “fluffy cows”.

If you’re out in Yellowstone, or any western National Park, enjoy the wildlife.

Just make sure you’re a safe distance away.

Rare White Bison Goes Viral

If you thought regular bison were majestic looking, wait until you see this guy.

TikTok user jesus_86 posted a now viral video of a white bison rumbling down a snowy pathway and it’s truly just an incredible sight. The original video has garnered nearly 2.5 million views.

Bison are almost always brown with black skin, but approximately one out of every 10 million are born with this rare condition, which is caused by a few reasons, but most likely is either albino or leucitic.

White bison are sacred signs in many Native American religions, including for the Lakota, who say that long ago in a time of famine the White Buffalo Calf Woman appeared to two male scouts who were looking for food.

One of the men was filled with lust for her and wanted to take her as his wife, but when he approached and gave her a hug, they both were enveloped in a cloud, and when it faded away only the woman was left, the man reduced to a pile of bones.

The other man was scared, but the woman spoke to him, saying no harm would come to him so long as he didn’t have the same motives as the first. She then sent him back to his tribe, where he prepared them for her arrival.

She taught them the 7 Sacred Ceremonies to protect Mother Earth and gave them the čhaŋnúŋpa, a sacred pipe that is still passed down through the generations. The tribe continues to practice the 7 sacred ceremonies to this day.

There is no denying the awe-striking beauty of the white bison.

Mother Nature is just the best.

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