Scott Rolen’s Parents Reacting To His Hall Of Fame Election Is Pure Gold

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I’m a lifelong Cubs fan.

But you have to respect the greats, and Scott Rolen was one of them. He was also a Cubs killer, but enough time has passed so hey hey, no big deal right?

In his sixth year of eligibility, Rolen finally got in with 76.3% of votes cast. Former Rockies stud Todd Helton just missed the mark, and won’t be heading to Cooperstown with Rolen just yet.

“You don’t think about this,” Rolen told MLB Network.

“You think about trying to do the best you can, play for your team and play the game as best you can, and there’s such a long road. I never thought that the Hall of Fame was going to be the answer.”

Former Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes told The New York Times this in 2010:

“You know W.W.J.D., what would Jesus do? Here, it’s what would Scott do?”

“He doesn’t argue with the umpires, he runs every single ball out, he makes great plays, he makes routine plays, he gets the runner in when he needs to get him in, he gets the runner over when he needs to get him over. He just plays the game exactly how it should be played.”

Rolen’s family released video of him telling his parents about his Hall of Fame selection, and it’s a tear-jerker.

Check this out.

I’m ready for baseball.

Scott Rolen career highlights.

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