Kobe Bryant Not Flinching At Fake Inbound Pass Is An All-Time Great Sports Moment

Kobe Bryant NBA

On this day three years ago, the world lost the iconic Kobe Bryant in a horrific helicopter crash.

His 13 year old daughter, Gianna, and 7 others also were lost in the wreck.

While there’s no shortage of legendary moments in Kobe’s career, there’s always one I go back to time and time again.

On March 7th, 2010, the Lakers were playing the Orlando Magic and were down 55-48 early in the 3rd quarter.

That’s when Kobe decided enough was enough.

After the Magic’s Vince Carter hits a 3-pointer to put them up 8, Kobe started playing some head games with Matt Barnes. It looks like Matt wasn’t too happy about a hard box out by Kobe and the two started jawing back and forth.

The refs called a questionable double technical on both players and the game went on, although Barnes didn’t let it go. That has to be when Kobe knew he was in his head.

The Lakers cut the deficit to 4 points and after another technical, this time on Dwight Howard, Barnes was inbounding the ball under the basket and who but Kobe Bryant was right in his face, staring him down.

So Matt decided to try something.

He pretended like he was going to throw the ball right at Kobe’s face from just a few feet away.

But Kobe didn’t flinch…

Didn’t move. Didn’t react. Didn’t stop swaying. Just stood there with his arms down, staring right into Barnes’ soul.

Just as a human, how do you not react even slightly to that?

That’s the Mamba mentality in action and proof that Kobe was just different.

RIP to the Laker great.. the world is certainly different without you.

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