Elk Runs For Its Life With A Wolf Hot On Its Tail In Grand Teton National Park

Wolf elk

Ya gotta love nature.

Even though it can be cruel and unforgiving, every part of it is just amazing.

Wolves are one of those things that are undeniably cool. They are apex predators that are capable of hunting and taking down large prey, such as elk, deer, and bison.

Wolves are a large dog that are known for their social behavior, pack hunting, and endurance. However, wolves are also known to hunt alone, and a single wolf hunting is a rare but fascinating sight to see. Solo hunting allows them to take down smaller prey, such as a single elk or deer, which would be more difficult for a pack to take down.

Single wolves are also known to be more efficient hunters. Without the need to coordinate with other wolves they can focus on stalking and chasing their prey, using their endurance and speed to run down their prey.

A video of an elk running from a single wolf in Grand Teton National Park has been circulating online.

The footage, captured by a wildlife camera, shows the elk running in a panic as the wolf gives chase. The pair are both running full speed ahead as in a way they are both fighting for their lives.

The elk makes its way to a river where the wolf will not keep going and lives to see another day.

These are two incredible creatures that are out there going through it and this is just a prime example of how they live.

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