Josh Meloy Teases Unreleased Song “Backroads,” And We’re Going To Need An Album Soon

Josh meloy country music
Josh Meloy

We’ve said it before, but Josh Meloy is a star in the making.

Already with two albums under his belt and a phenomenal EP released last year titled Turning Pointthe Oklahoma native is ready to absolutely blow up.

With a gritty voice made for the stage, Josh has been slowly building a strong fanbase that’s begging for some new music.

Well, looks like we won’t have to wait much longer, as he said the other day that a new album would be coming this year.

He followed up that announcement with a taste of what may be on the project, a clip of an unreleased song titled “Backroads”.

While singing about backroads is nothing new, he puts a nice little twist on what exactly it is about them that connects with him, wrapped in a melody that’s been ringing in my head all day.

“I sure hope the gate to heaven
Will still open up for a run down sinner like me
And I pray my name is written
On that book of life, Lord for the life of me

These backroads been keeping me sane
I got a bible on the dash and a smoke filled brain
Blame it on my family, on my bloodline
Better pull myself together, I’m running out of time”

Damn good stuff.

This new album can’t come soon enough.

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