Bear Is Struck By Car, Flips Over, And Just Keeps On Running

Bear highway

These animals are tough, man.

They can literally keep on running after getting absolutely smashed by a car going along at full speed on a road. You certainly won’t see a person doing that, not that I can blame them but these animals are just built different.

A bear’s ability to withstand the elements and adversity is just simply amazing.

I once even saw a three-legged bear hobbling along like nothing had ever happened to it. In the wild they have two choices: survive or die. The choice to be made is pretty clear and sometimes it takes a lot to keep on going. Way more than we can even imagine.

This bear faced one of the moments in a split second as it ran out across the road. It’s seen coming on a dash camera as it runs directly in front of a car that had no time to stop.

As you hear the crunching of the car, the bear flips over and tumbles across the car landing on the pavement. Without missing a beat it continues on as if nothing happened.

I know these bears are so tough that even with life threatening injuries they will continue to run until their body literally shuts down, so I hope this ol’ boy was able to survive the matter.

There’s no telling what kind of internal injuries it might have, but hopefully it was able to push through the pain.

By the sound, the car certainly will have to have some work done.

It’s a strongest survive world out in the wild and they always are trying their best.

The guy rocking the Adidas tracksuit was just so on brand for Eastern Russia too… hilarious.

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