Worth The Watch: 49 Winchester’s Red Barn Radio Performance From 2019

49 Winchester

I’m currently on a deep dive of throwback videos and deep into it with  49 Winchester.

Earlier this week, I rediscovered my love for their Radio Bristol performance of “It’s A Shame.” My YouTube suggestions have read my mind on what else I needed to see by digging up their 2019 performance from Red Barn Radio.

Red Barn Radio is notorious for capturing early career moments of great, and I would consider this video a part of that archive now.

Now, we all know the infamous Tyler Childers set is ICONIC from Red Barn Radio, and don’t think I am trying to compare this to that.

But, it is extraordinary that Red Barn Radio’s booking agents have an ear for good country music and are good at picking groups that eventually make it to the limelight.

The duo took the stage to perform “Everlasting Lover” during this taping.

“This song’s called “Everlasting Lover,” it’s a brand new song. I think we finished it really yesterday.” 

Isaac Gibson says as he introduces the song.

Y’all need to experience the goodness of this video for yourself.

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A beer bottle on a dock