Tom Brady’s Mic’d Up Clip During Their Blowout Loss To The 49ers Was Released And It’s Incredibly Depressing

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Tom Brady will be 46 this August.

Will he come back for his 24th NFL season? Rob Gronkowski predicted Brady likely will come back after proving he can still perform with the best of them this year, even adding “he’s probably getting some treatment on his arm as we speak right now.”

But, it’s going to take the perfect situation, and that almost certainly won’t be in Tampa Bay.

In Week 14, Tom Brady and the Bucs visited San Francisco to take on the powerhouse 49ers who just punched their ticket to the NFC Championship game against the Eagles.

It was a homecoming for Brady, who had family and friends in attendance.

“Mr. Irrelevant” Brock Purdy outperformed one of his idols, ending the game with a QB rating of 134.0, and the 49ers crushed Tampa Bay 35-7.

Brady threw two interceptions, and to make matters worse, he was mic’d up for the game. Today, some of that footage was released and I could only think of one word to describe it – depressing.

Dov Kleiman shared the clip, adding “You can see him desperately trying to fire up a life-less team all game long. The end is just…”

No life. No energy. And a team that quit playing hard not only for Brady but also head coach Todd Bowles.

“Take this stupid thing off my back” a defeated Brady says, referring to the mic he was wearing as the clip ends.

After watching this, do you honestly think there is a chance in hell Brady’s coming back to Tampa? No chance.

If he doesn’t return for another season, maybe the newly divorced GOAT will be spending some time with super fan Veronika Rajek…

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