The Crappie Shack: A Wisconsin Ice Fishing Shack Made From A Port-O-Potty

crappie shack


Ice fishing is the bridge to get outdoorsmen through the winter. Nobody craves braving the cold for the chance to do some fishing that is slower than normal, but it is still a great way to get outside during the colder months a wet a line.

A great way to combat the elements for ice fishing is build shacks or shanties designed to keep fisherman warmer than the otherwise would be out in the middle of a frozen lake.

These shacks often make people more comfortable and able to withstand days of fishing and laughing with the boys.

The long winters and slower fish can sometimes lead to ideas… you know the kind I’m talking about. Sometimes they are good, or funny or just something to pass the time.

It’s kind of the epitome of “boys will be boys” behavior.

We’ve seen the ice-fishing limo, some good pranks, or setting up a hot tub to fish out of on the ice.

As fun and clever as those one’s sound, I still don’t know what to think of this.

A Wisconsin man was getting cold out on the ice when he came up with a plan to get himself a fishing shack.

He came up with the “Crappie Shack,” a renovated port-o-potty designed to comfortably sit two fishermen along with propane heaters.

Although the concept works, it still seems a little wild. I certainly won’t be running to get a port-o-potty to make my next ice fishing shack.

I don’t think the initial renos would be that fun, more like a shitty situation…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock