Dolly Parton Says Whoever Plays Her In A Biopic Will “Have To Have Some Boobs,” Whether They’re “Homemade” Or Not

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It’s hard to imagine anyone could come close to imitating Dolly Parton.

But of course, a Hollywood biopic on the country icon is inevitable, and last year, a script starting floating around that seems likely will eventually be turned into an actual movie.

Dolly really has lived a life that seems unreal, from growing up dirt poor in a one room cabin in the remote mountains of east Tennessee, to becoming the country queen we all know and love today.

And during a recent interview with CBS Mornings, when asked who she would want to play her in a potential biopic (the million dollar question here), Dolly responded like so:

“Well, I don’t know. I think when it gets to that point, we’ll be auditioning a lot different people, and we’ll just have to see.”

They pressed her on the intrinsic, uniquely Dolly characteristics the actress playing her would need to have, and she gave a hilarious answer, saying:

“Well, she would need to have my spirit, I would think. And my personality, she’d have to have a lot of that fire and spunk.

And she’d have to have some boobs, of course, whether they were homemade or whether they were real, she’d have to look the part.

She’d have to be a little bit over exaggerated, but hopefully that would be pretty easy. Even a boy could do that!”


Like I said, it’s gonna be impossible to find anyone who’s exactly like Mrs. Dolly, but she certainly deserves a biopic with the full Hollywood treatment that would do her justice in terms of how important, impressive and almost improbable her career has been.

To close it out, the hosts asked her what advice she would have for young people, and she had some wonderful advice that I think any of us could use in our own lives:

“I would have them know that if you have a dream and a passion, you need to be true to yourself and true to that desire that you have.

And just go for it and work without fear. I’ve always said that my desire is greater than my fear, and that’s where a lot of people get crippled and never really get goin’, because they’re afraid to even try.

But if you don’t try, you’re never gonna know, so just do what you feel is right in your own heart and in your own mind.”

She is a true national treasure.

You can watch the interview here:

Dolly celebrated her 77th birthday last week, and in honor of the special day, she released a brand new song called “Don’t Make Me Come Down There”:

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