World’s Coolest Guy Plays Fetch With Beluga Whale Near Arctic Pole

Beluga whale

Ever see a whale fetch a rugby ball?

Well, your answer won’t be no for much longer.

A group of South African rugby fans took a trip near the Arctic Pole (for whatever reason) and brought with them an official ball from the 2019 Rugby World Cup, which South Africa won, so you would think this particular ball would be special to them and they wouldn’t go around tossing it to giant sea creatures.

But while out on a boat, a friendly beluga whale approached, and one of them had the bright idea to see what happens is they tossed it to him.

Well, he brought it back and the fun began.

The video starts with the whale returning it, so this could have been going on for a little while, but we see the man gives it another chuck out to sea, and the whale again swims out to it and brings it back to him.

Okay, I have lots of questions, but first this is undoubtedly incredible. I’d put “played fetch with a whale” on every single resume I send out if looking for a job, just so they know who they’re dealing with.

But how did the whale understand the game? Most dogs don’t even pick it up the first few times you’re trying to get them to do it until treats come into play, so just how? Is this a skill all belugas have innately?

Who knows, but this is sick. Good for those guys, and shoutout South African rugby, I’m sure you guys rock too.

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A beer bottle on a dock