Throwback to 49 Winchester’s 2019 Performance Of “It’s A Shame” During Radio Bristol Sessions

49 winchester country music

These are some baby-faced boys.

this 2019 cut of “It’s A Shame,” filmed at Radio Bristol, is pure gold.

It is no secret that 49 Winchester blew up this year. And for good reason.

With phenomenal blow-ups also come with some good throwback videos of sets that occurred before fame was behind the name.

The group has a fresh new take on country, giving you all the twang you need through their vocals, but has elements of classic rock and Appalachian folk. The melodies make you want to crack open a beer and sing along to the songs as you sway side to side with your friends (the best kind of country music).

This 2019 video shows the unbridled talent of the group and that his has only grown since then.

As they are all huddled in the small studio of Radio Bristol’s set, they are nearly on top of each other and still in tune with the music they are performing.

“It’s A Shame” is one of my all-time favorites from their 2022 album, III. The twang that lead singer Isaac Gibson puts on the words and his little yodel riff makes the listener feel like they have stepped back into the time of ’60s country.

I can’t get enough of it.

This video is a throwback gem, and you’ll watch it over and over again.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock