Paige Spiranac Calls Out Guy Who Said To Get Golf Lessons From A Local Pro Instead Of Her “OnlyPaige” Subscription

Paige Spiranac

Former golf pro and current model and social media influencer Paige Spiranac is going all in to kick off her 2023.

A couple days ago, she unveiled her very own

And no, it’s not like OnlyFans, get your mind out of the gutter.

It’s a site where subscribers can have access to golf lessons, info on her personal life, vlogs, etc., and the options are $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year.

Needless to say, Spiranac is truly the first of her kind, finding a way to use her platform to perfectly mix together her knowledge of golf and beauty, in an effort to appease her fans.

However, one dude on Twitter in particular isn’t buying into the hype, and he flat out called Spiranac out:

“No disrespect but if anybody ever needs golf instruction then they should consult their local professional!

Getting golf instruction off YouTube is like going to trying to get advice about your sore foot from someone at the pub.”

Alright alright, “trying to get advice about your sore foot from someone at the pub” is a pretty damn good one.

But, as ol’ Paige tends to do, she brought the heat right back:

“Truth is most “local pros” aren’t very good and the great ones are $$$$. It’s the fun trend to shit on me but I’ve played at a high level and I’ve learned from the best.

If I weren’t doing social media I would be a teaching pro. I’m giving you great instruction for $10 a month”

Mic drop. Enough said.

And she does have a very good point. The qualifications for being a local golf pro are not very high, and there’s also a ton of them out there that don’t even really know how to swing a golf club themselves.

And on top of that, the really good local golf pros out there are gonna cost you a pretty penny.

The “sore foot at the pub” roast was a pretty dang good comeback, but I have to give the upper hand to Paige here.

She ended up explaining more on the comment when various “local pros” took offense to the comment:

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