Carly Pearce Tells The Wild Story Of How She Once Had A Warrant Out For Her Arrest… And Got It Dropped With Concert Tickets

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Carly Pearce had a close call with the law.

A while back, when she was doing a radio tour in support of her song “Every Little Thing,” she had an unfortunate change of plans when her flight to the next city got canceled.

Seeing as she and her band were trying to make it to a show the next night, they had to rent a car and drive to try and make it in time.

And as it turns out, Carly is a little speed demon on the highway:

“I’m doing my makeup, and I’m gonna tell you about the time I had a warrant out for my arrest. So I was on radio tour for ‘Every Little Thing,’ which is kind of where you go across America and you introduce yourself to country radio.

And my flight got canceled, so my band and I had to rent a car and drive to the city that we were playing in the next day.

I was driving through the great state, my home state of Kentucky, and I did not realize that the speed limit went very quickly from I believe 70 to 35, and let’s just be real, I was already going 85.”

And of course, there’s no question she was getting pulled over going that much over the speed limit:

“So he pulled me over and he gave me a ticket, and I can tell he was like really annoyed, but we had to get to the show. So I didn’t look at the speeding ticket until I go tot the venue a few hours later and realized I had a reckless driving ticket. 

So I paid the ticket and thought nothing of it, and got a call that there was a warrant out for my arrest because I did not go to traffic school or pay the full amount of my ticket, because I did not realize that it was a big offense if you are reckless driving.”

But in a great turn of luck, it turns out that the cop was a big country music fan, and Carly managed to cut a deal that they’d drop the warrant in exchange for tickets to her show:

“You’re never gonna believe it, but the cop was a country fan, and I bartered my way to pay the ticket and give him tickets to my show, and he dropped the warrant, or the charge, or whatever you wanna call it.

So that police officer in Kentucky, thank you, you can come to a show anytime. But yeah, I’m kinda bad.”

And the real moral of the story here is, watch your speed… and sometimes, it really pays to be a county singer:

“The moral of the story y’all, is, be aware of the speed limits where you’re going…

And it pays to be a country singer sometimes.”

Never woulda seen that coming from Carly… you can watch her tell the story here:

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