McDonald’s Employees Accidentally Puts $5K In Customers Bag, Guy Returns It & Receives Free McDonald’s For A Month


Imagine going to McDonald’s for breakfast, grabbing a McGriddle, and you look inside your bag to find $5,000 sitting in there.

I mean WHAT? How in the world does this even happen?

Well it all happened for this one McDonald’s customer, who took to TikTok to share his discovery.

The guy made the trip to the fast food chain to grab a sausage McMuffin for breakfast. But, when he looked inside his bag to grab his food, he found a whopping $5K sitting in there.

The money was more than likely that McDonald’s deposit for the day, and they accidentally slipped the cash inside the customer’s bag.

As anybody would be, he was pretty conflicted about returning the money. I mean $5K? That could go to a car payment, house payment, rent, or anything you want.

He even said:

“Why would you do this to me? Do you know how bad I want this money?”

However, out of the goodness of the guy’s heart, he decided to take the money back to the McDonald’s that served him.

He walked in and jokingly said:

“You guys laundering money?”

And needless to say, the McDonald’s employees were ecstatic to see the money returned, considering the whole situation could’ve cost them their jobs.

The good Samaritan even said that they were in tears when he returned the money.

And on top of that, they also gave him $200, along with free McDonald’s for the next month. See? This video is further proof that a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

Much respect:

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