Zach Bryan Says He’ll Drop “Dawns” If The Eagles Beat The Giants On Saturday

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It’s no secret that the NFC East has emerged as arguably the best division in the NFL this season, after being historically bad in recent years.

Now, here we are in the playoffs, and the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles are squaring off in the playoffs this Saturday for an NFC East showdown.

It’s pretty impressive, considering the Eagles barely made it into the playoffs last year, and the Giants were arguably the worst team in the NFL last season, but new head coach Brian Daboll has turned things around and turned the Giants into a major threat.

Of course, Saturday is a massive game, as it will keep one team’s playoff hopes alive, and send the other team packing.

However, there may be more implications than one may think, depending on who wins…

One of Zach Bryan’s fans tweeted out to him, asking:

“If the giants beat the eagles can we get a single released?”

But, considering Bryan is now a resident of Philadelphia and is now a self-proclaimed Phili sports fan, he responded:

“If the eagles beat the giants I’ll release dawns”

Is that right? Not gonna lie, I’m a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, but I might just have to root for the Eagles in this one…

I just feel sorry for the Giants fan who tried to make this bet. He’s gonna be incredibly conflicted once Saturday rolls around.

And if you haven’t had a chance to listen to “Dawns,” featuring Maggie Rogers, be sure to go ahead and check out the unreleased version real quick:

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