Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Claps Back At Cell Phone Criticism: “I Was Controlling The Aux & Playing Bangers”

Stetson Bennett
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This past weekend, Georgia fans took to the streets of Athens, Georgia to celebrate their second consecutive College Football National Championship, complete with the parade, the pep rally… the whole nine yards.

After a the 65-7 old fashioned ass-whooping they doled out to the TCU Horned Frogs last week in Championship game, Kirby Smart and these boys proved that they are unquestionably the best thing in college football at the moment, and they aren’t goin anywhere, anytime soon.

Much to the dismay of Alabama coach Nick Saban…

Nevertheless, Stetson Bennett still seems to have pissed a few people off, including Atlanta-area radio and television personality Steak Shapiro (that can’t be his real name?)

Steak cracked down on Stetson for apparently being on his phone too much during the parade, and therefore, not showing some appreciation for the fans and media.

“Stetson Bennett needed someone to tell him to get off his damn phone during a parade and to show some graciousness and appreciation to the fans that were sitting in that stadium.

You want to crush the media you think were mean to you do it a press conference.”

Seems like this might the video that prompted the criticism:

I mean, not exactly a great look from Bennett, who seems to be at odds with the media right now, even Georgia media.

Georgia was pretty much the #1 team in the league the entire season, a no-doubt #1 seed in the playoffs, so I’m not entirely sure were all this “silence the doubters” attitude came from.

Where was this horde of doubters all season? I didn’t hear much of it…

Even his speech was all about it:

But hey, if convincing themselves that nobody thought they had a shot at the Chip this year was the plan to motivate them, then congrats, it worked.

Nevertheless, I don’t think it was a shot at the fans at all.

Stetson fired back at Steak with a response:

He then provided a further explanation:

“Mr Med Rare: One phone was mine. One phone was connected to the Bluetooth. Mine had the playlists. The other had the aux. I appreciate your concern with my image/intentions/loyalties/obligations (as well as your willingness to reach out to me to confirm them), you obviously thought quite deeply about some motives I might’ve had. To help fill in some holes though can I give you the ‘inside’ scoop?

Parades are a symbol of celebration, and while last year’s was a celebration of that championship, this year’s parade was a celebration of a very special period of time (for me! Of course there is the possibility that I’m wrong).

And while we as a team very much so appreciate the fans, we as individuals appreciate our teammates. Ya know, the one’s we’ve broken bones and torn ligaments and bled for, and cried and changed and grown and laughed with for years now.

So to help you fill in those damned holes: team (group) celebrate with fans (group) in big parade. Teammate (individual) celebrate with teammate (individual) in small personal car. Guess which one I am. Teammate, yep! So to finish it off nice and neat: I was controlling the aux and playing bangers so sed and Chris and I could have a blast on our last ride into Sanford. That’s pretty much the gist of it.

P.s.: I don’t like you very much mr Steak ‘and shake’ Shapiro. But to be fair, I’m not a fan of your work either.”


Steak responded that he’s had Stetson’s back for the past two years, and that while he wasn’t fond of Stetson’s parade behavior, he was still a huge fan.

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