California Black Bear Casually Walks Through The Door Of A Police Station

Bear California

So a bear walks behind bars…

Officers at the California Highway Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility in Donner Pass were shocked to see a black bear acting suspiciously like a human one night.

As seen on a security camera, the bear approaches the door from the outside, stands up on its hindlegs, easily turns the door handle, and strolls in like he’s there to renew a permit.

I mean, are we seeing this correctly? Was this a prank?

You have to think he watched lots of people do the same thing and then just copied their behavior, but it makes me think AI might not be the only intelligence problem coming down the tunnel…

Fortunately, the bear did a quick search of two rooms then exited out the same door he entered and didn’t cause any harm or damage.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the commentary made by Inside Edition’s Mara Montalbano, though…

“It must not have been hungry, because it completely bypassed the vending machines.”

Did you expect it to put in a dollar for a chocolate bar? I get that it was probably meant to be funny, and that the bear could have smashed inside to grab some treats, but come on now.

Then again, I didn’t exactly think they’d be able to use a door handle, so there’s certainly a chance, albeit a small one…

Californians, keep your head on a swivel out there… these bears are starting to blend in.

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