Black Bear Wedges Between Two Rocks To Snag A Salmon, Then Retreats Into The Darkness

Black bear fish

The salmon never saw it coming.

Bears are well known to be prolific fishers, especially those who live near rivers where salmon make their annual spawning run.

We’ve all seen the incredible sight of bears snagging fish out of waterfalls, sometimes even fighting other bears for a prime spot, but when the time calls for it, they can also make a much sneakier approach.

This video of a black bear peaking out from a hiding spot is a prime example of that.

We see the sly bear sticking his head out from between two boulders just enough to get a good view of the  rushing water beneath him, waiting for a salmon to try and sneak past. When an unlucky one finds himself there, it’s over before it starts.

The speed and accuracy bears have while grabbing fast swimming fish out of water is one of the more underappreciated aspects of the creatures. Of course they have lots of practice and have to go hungry if they don’t succeed, but man, just one quick snap of the head and the meal is literally already in their mouth.

Super impressive. Shoutout to this black bear, and prayers up for that salmon…

Two Grizzly Bears Fight Over Salmon On Alaskan Waterfall

Bears just being bears is always fun to watch.

Brown bears in Alaska are a staple. People travel for miles and miles to see the large groups of bears that gather near waterbodies to eat the large salmon that inhabit the waters.

A salmon is like gold to a bear. In the areas they are plentiful they provide a food source that is rich in protein and fats the bear needs that they can catch with relatively low energy output.

All the bears have to do is be patient and strike at the perfect time and they can get all the food they ever need.

Often times, the popular fishing holes are crowded with bears. Not so different from humans’ popular spots.

These bears generally live in peace in these areas as there’s enough food to go around and then some. They even can be fairly passive towards humans since they generally don’t walk around on an empty stomach. But, they still have their natural instincts and can get worked up from time to time.

These two grizzly bears are both standing at the top of a small set of waterfalls. They begin to fight as they step on each other’s toes while fishing.

The parallels between the bears and humans are oddly hilarious in this video.

One bear comes out on top pushing the other off the falls.

But, that’s when he decides he doesn’t want the bear getting all the fish down there either. This bear then leaps from the falls to the water down below in dramatic fashion.

Like I said, these bears are just to fun to watch.

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