Big White Buck Caught Fighting On Camera In A Wild Rut Battle

White buck

What are the odds?

I can tell you not very high.

White deer are a very uncommon treat that nature has to offer us all. There is just something friggin’ cool about seeing an animal that has a genetic difference from the rest.

White deer, also known as “ghost deer” or “spirit deer” are not truly albino. They have a genetic condition known as leucism, which causes a loss of pigmentation in the skin, hair and eyes. This results in a deer that appears mostly white, but still has dark eyes and sometimes dark spots on its skin.

The odds of a white deer being born are extremely low, with estimates ranging from 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 100,000. True albino deer (with the red eyes) are even rarer than that.

The lack of camouflage provided by their coloration makes them more visible to predators and makes chances of survival even lower for a species that has to fight every single day.

Their existence is as close to a miracle as we get.

Seeing a white deer or any white animal doing anything is always a treat because it just doesn’t happen.

Two bucks are seen fighting over a doe as bucks do. But, one of these bucks is fully white.

They battle hard as the doe onlooks to see who the winner will be.

The bucks push and stomp around. The white buck turns and with a good look of his face it looks like an animal from a different planet.

The pair continue the fight but a winner is undetermined as they move into the sun spot.

Either way that’s a wild one to catch on camera. And that white buck is a winner just for growing that old.

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