Turkey And Rat Snake Go At It Over Eggs In The Nest

Turkey snake

Another unexpected battle out in the wild.

It’s a rough world out there for many of these animals. They fight to find food and fight to survive all day, every single day.

It’s an animal eat animal world out there and if you aren’t doing the eating, you need to be looking over your shoulder.

Turkey hens are a large bird weighing around 12 pounds on average. Turkeys are food to many things, but have fighting abilities that can help keep them safe. They need to use these to also defend their nests from the many predators that come for their eggs and young.

Turkeys typically lay 8 to 16 eggs and they take 28 days to hatch. During that time the mother has to fend off all of these predators that come.

This video shows a rat snake coming in to try and get at the nest. Eggs across a number of species are a popular food source for snakes. The mother hen fights off the rat snake using her beak to peck away at it endlessly.

The snake lunges at her and tries to slither away but the mother’s protection is relentless.

She comes away keeping her eggs protected.

Nature is amazing and you never know what you’re going to come across out there. The man who got the video summed that up.

“The determination that hen had was unreal. The snake was biting her every time she’d peck at him. She had incredible fight in her and ultimately won the battle.

Amazing to see Mother Nature in the raw. This is what keeps me in the woods!”

Gotta love it.

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